Group Mentorship - Live courses with real engineers from top companies

Group mentorship consists of small groups on a live call with an experienced software engineer. Think Uber Pool, but for mentoring. Help us know what you’d like to learn more about by filling out our group mentorship interest form. Since we want to keep group sizes small, this will also put you on the waitlist for courses that come up that match your interest.

Junior to Senior

What it takes and making a plan to advance in your career

Ready to advance your software engineering career? Not sure what it takes to make the jump from a junior or mid-level engineer to a higher level? This course will help you create a personalized plan to go from a junior to a senior engineer. Led by an experienced senior engineer, you’ll learn what you need to do to make the leap and help you put in place concrete goals to get there. With a personalized plan to progress, you’ll be ready to take on senior engineering roles and excel in the tech industry.

Engineering 101 for Recruiters

Learn to speak the language of the engineers you are trying to recruit. Ask questions of a senior engineer that has been with top companies as a tech lead and an interviewer in the hiring process. Improve your recruitment efforts and communicate more effectively with engineers with our course.